Monday, February 15, 2016

GSU Legal Studies Abroad

Socrates statue in Delphi museum
INSTRUCTOR: Perry Binder, J.D. 
Email: pbinder @ gsu dot edu  Twitter: @Perry_Binder


CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION:  This course is a hands-on inquiry into international legal institutions for business and non-business students.  Emphasizing a collaborative rather than competitive learning environment, this course examines the interrelatedness of law with economic, social, and cultural factors in global business settings.  An extensive international on-site program is an integral part of this program. Interviews are conducted at a broad range of organizations and industries. Objectives include cultivating a global mindset and developing a richer understanding of international business challenges relating to law. Company, law firm and/or courthouse visits showcase evolving legal profiles in the global marketplace. The inter-disciplinary scope of this course facilitates learning from an intercultural perspective.


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